Untitled# is a bodily archive. A series of photos taken to be tattooed on people's skin.

The photos originated from the traces found on several cities' walls, traces such as the passage of the time, the human intervention, the atmospheric agents. Decontextualized and reworked as graphic signs, these traces transform each tattooed body in a unique art piece and make it part of a collective and living archive  preserving the memory of a place.

Immaterial and at the same time utterly physical, the final pieces exist in a context apart from the contemporary art scene and the art market, one that redefines their monetary value and make their trading impossible.

 Unpublished until they become tattoos, the photos can be only seen in person, by appointment or during specific events/contexts -varying from a Tattoo Convention, to an Open Studios or a Festival.

Images above are from Cagliari Tattoo Convention, which happened in Cagliari -IT on August 25th, 2017. Tattoo where realized by Roberta  Chia Inyan

 Participants were given a certificate of Authenticity stating that they became part of the Untitled# project, their bodies becoming part of a collective archive. Archive.