healing interventions for domestic wounds


“healing interventions for domestic wounds” is a series of performative acts specifically designed to activate the memory of a place, transform it and make it our own through the use of medical procedures and tools that suggest the analogy Body | Place or, more precisely, Wall | Skin. If belonging is rooted on the symbolic appropriation of the space, feeling home here becomes being home, and caring for our place becomes caring for our body. Restoring, fixing, maintaining, curing, healing, but also carving, intervening, leaving behind and digging into the materiality of the space become political acts of daily rebellion, ones that affect our lives and surroundings. Designed specifically for the place in which it is made, each intervention intersects and overlaps its peculiarity with my personal history, every time giving birth to a mesmerizing ritual that, although very personal, opens up a space to collectively celebrate our vulnerability.